iPhone 7 the ultimate travel companion?

Is the iPhone 7 the ultimate travel companion? Here’s why.

Is the iPhone 7 the ultimate travel companion? Here’s why.

Whether if lazing about on beaches or scaling mountains, modern travelers come armed with tech. This should come as no surprise – a smartphone can document your travels, be used for calling home, entertain, and be a weapon of last resort when confronted by a surprise angry bear.

Apple’s iPhone has done the job in years to past, with the best cameras, loads of power, and goodies like Apple Pay and ‘Find My iPhone’ tracking/remote-wipe (in case someone steals your memory, pride, and joy).

Camera trigger happy – and perfect for selfies

Apple flaunts camera starts at your face like a crazed mathematician. 12MP! 50 percent brighter flash! 100 million operations when each photo is taken! What this all means is the iPhone  is the best at taking photos in any travel situation. It gains optical image stabilization previously available only to the Plus, deals more satisfactorily with low light, takes sharper snaps, and can compensate for bad area lighting.
The Plus goes one better – literally because it has dual rear cameras. The 12MegaPixel wide-angle and telephotograph cameras works simultaneously, giving the iphone Plus an instant 2x optical zoom and a speedy 10x digital zoom. And for smug selfies and FaceTime chats with you nonchalantly lurking before gorgeous scenery, the front camera on both iPhones is up to 7MP from 5MP.

Making a splash


When traveling, decent audio is a must. The good news is the new iPhones has stereo speaker system (one’s at the top and the other’s at the bottom), with top range and volume that will beat the any OEM speaker on previous iPhones and android.

The bad news is Apple scrapped the headphone port. You now get Lightning headphones in the box, and a dongle for normal headphones. The former headphones are fine but only work with an iPhone or iPad; the latter’s another thing to lose, adds bulk, means you can’t simultaneously charge your iPhone and use wired headphones (or any other Lightning kit), and costs 20U$ dollars to replace. Not ideal.

 Iphone 7 More power!


It shouldn’t come as a shock that each upgrade of the iPhone is better than its predecessor, but some specs should be particularly good news to travelers. The screen’s brighter with punchier colours and therefore a whole more clarity in sunlight. And the phone’s core – the A10 Fusion chip – is powerful and efficient, adding an hour plus of battery life to the Plus over its predecessor, and two hours to the iPhone 7.

Also, if you’re made of money, you can splash out for a 256 GB model, giving you more than enough storage for endless photos and hours of 4K high definition video to Flex to your friends on the amazing trip you had


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